View of the Motorhome and Caravan sat nav Snooper Ventura S2700 and its 4.3 inch screen

Review and Test of the SNOOPER Ventura S2700

The Snooper Ventura S2700 is a compact caravan and motorhome sat nav device that comes with a small 4.3 inch screen. It is able to calculate suitable routes taking into account the restrictions related to the weight and dimensions of the vehicle.

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SNOOPER Ventura S2700 Test

Although the Snooper Ventura S2700 only has a rather small screen, navigation is very pleasant on this model thanks to the lane guidance and junction view feature and the clear display of useful informations such as the vehicle’s speed and the current speed limit.

The Snooper Ventura S2700 review comes with Junction view to help guide the driver

As with all best motorhome and caravan sat nav devices, the Ventura S2700 is able to calculate specific routes for caravan and motorhomes based upon the dimensions (length, width, and height) and weight of the vehicle. On this model it is simple to enter the vehicle's dimensions and the device accurately avoids height and width restrictions such as low bridges and narrow roads.

The Snooper Ventura S2700 will avoid unsuitable roads when planning the itinerary based on the vehicle's weight and dimensions

Something we like about the Ventura S2700 Motorhome and caravan sat nav!

Like all the Snooper models, the Ventura S2700 offers a car mode but also the possibility to save up to 10 different vehicle profiles. Thus, some users may for example create a profile they will name ‘Car + caravan’ for using the device whilst towing a caravan, and another profile named ‘Motorhome’ and maybe even a third one called ‘Motorhome + trailer’.

The Snooper Ventura S2700 allows you to save up to 10 different vehicle profiles

This is a very interesting and useful feature for those planning to use the device with different vehicles or different vehicle setups.

Given that there are specific traffic rules for vehicles towing caravans and trailers, the vehicle profile configurator also requires that you specify whether you are a towing vehicle or not. That way, if a road is forbidden for vehicles with trailers, it will be avoided in the itinerary.

Efficiency of the Smart search engine

The Snooper Ventura S2700 allows you to search campsites and camper stops based on different criteria such as campsite facilities

The manufacturer has partnered with several companies such as The Caravan Club, ACSI and BordAtlas to create a smart search engine provided with a database of 24 000 campsites and thousands of points of interest (POI).

This smart search engine enables the user to make searches by campsite facilities. In other words you can choose with great precision the services that are useful for you and the sat nav will only display in the search results the areas or campsites that meet your requirements. For example, you may only want to search for campsites that offer Wi-Fi or a swimming pool, or maybe ones that are close to the coast or that offer nearby shops, etc.

For each proposed area, the sat nav informs you about the details of the services and the rates, and usually displays a photo of the campsite. We were impressed by the quantity and the quality of the information provided on this model.

A Motorhome and Caravan Sat nav with specific Points of interest

The Snooper Ventura S2700 comes with a lot of specific points of interest for camping enthusiasts. These points of interest make it easy to find tourist sites, monuments and buildings, dealers corresponding to the brand of your motorhome, or even accessory stores for motorhomes. The database includes 24 000 campsites across Europe.

This caravan and motorhome sat nav also allows you to add extra points of interest (POIs) by downloading them from the manufacturer's website using a computer.

Planning journeys and using Multi-routes

We found that planning a basic route on the Snooper Ventura S2700 was very straightforward and of course the system only includes roads that are suitable for the vehicle’s profile information. This model however also allows the user to input up to 16 different stops. In other words, the user can create a journey around Europe with breaks on the way in several different locations. There is no need to add new data in the motorhome sat nav once the trip is planned, it takes you to the next step once you get going again. This is done by entering postcodes or points of interest in the journey planner. You can also include the roads on which you want to travel on if you want to go a specific way.

One useful feature when selecting a stored journey is the ability to view the journey and change the order of the stops before launching the navigation. The Snooper Ventura S2700 will let you save up to 7 different journeys.

View of the Snooper Ventura S2700 and its suction cup mount

Lifetime Map and Traffic updates

The Snooper Ventura S2700 is a caravan and motorhome sat nav that offers free lifetime map updates for Europe. This is an important feature that you should consider when comparing sat nav systems because updating a sat nav can be quite expensive on some models when free updates are not included. This allows the users to always have the latest maps and points of interest, or up-to-date reliable information on roads, restrictions, campsites, etc.

This model is also able to provide the user with real time traffic and warnings to avoid roadworks and traffic jams thanks to the provided TMC traffic receiver. Unlike some models which use the data plan of the user’s phone, the TMC network is free and does not require a subscription. The TMC antenna comes with the device and you will need to mount it on the windscreen of your vehicle using the provided suckers. Once installed, the antenna can be connected to the device using the specific TMC socket on the left side of the device.

Because the TMC data is transmitted by FM stations, the reception of the data is sometimes affected by geographical and environmental conditions.

Aura Camera and driving hazard Database

The Snooper Ventura S2700 can warn the driver of any hazards or fixed cameras on the itinerary. However, to access this feature you will need to register and download the AURA camera database.
This service is not free and requires a subscription. It will cost you about £3 per month but can be cheaper if you go for a yearly subscription.

The Strengths of this Motorhome Sat nav

Weaknesses of this Caravan and Motorhome Sat Nav

Our opinion on this motorhome and caravan Sat Nav Snooper Ventura S2700 Review

This model is rather compact with its "small" 4.3 inch screen. Despite this, it offers all the features expected for a motorhome and caravan sat nav. The smart search engine is also very efficient. The fact that you can create up to 10 different vehicle profiles may also be a very interesting feature for some users.
You should go for this model if you are on a tight budget and are not looking for a model with a large screen.

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Detailed Specs for the Snooper Ventura S2700

Included accessories Power cable (12-24V), TMC antenna, suction cup mount, USB cable, CD manual
Screen size 4.3 in
Screen resolution 480x272 px
Screen type TFT LCD Touch screen
Maps Europe 38 countries
Free lifetime map updates Yes
Campsite lists Yes
Trip planner Yes
Lane assist / Junction view Yes
Live Services No
Traffic information Via TMC (no subscription required)
Hands-free Phone feature No
Reversing camera No
Voice control No
Memory 8GB MicroSD card
Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery life 1 hour +/-
Power 12 & 24v adapter included
Dimensions 118x90x12mm
Weight NA

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